Friday, November 24, 2006

Last Day

Last night we were introduced to some traditional Swedish festivities. Some children sang to us in a candlelit St Lucia procession, and after a spell of candlemaking and a tour of the IT centre's sensory stimulation rooms we drank Julmust (a jind of spiced cola) and ate a special Swedish porridge or milk pudding [at least some of us did]. The evening was rounded off with a slideshow of photos taken in the nearby countryside at different times of the year.

This morning we heard from the IT admin whizzes responsible for realising Honker's vision of a fully digitallised community. They described the infrastructure of the network, database and connection protocols as they exist at the moment and then Honker told us where he hoped to get to in the next couple of years - users accessing individual portal pages, giving them one-touch connection to other information and services via portlets.

All extremely forward-looking and thought-provoking.

On the final afternoon we shared in a SPICE feedback session [it wasn't entirely clear what we were expected to contribute to this] before grouping up again to complete the first draft of our report.

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