Monday, November 20, 2006

Back At The Hotel

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Back at the hotel at the end of the first day, participants reflect on the various presentations - notice the sweets on the table.
Today, after a musical contribution from The Three T's (video file available in due course) we heard from members of the Sandviken ICT team and had short presentations from each member of the group.
Despite advance warning my .swf file proved difficult to play, which caused me some embarrassment.
Every one of the presentations was very different, both in tone and content, and it makes it easier now to imagine the participants in their roles back in their home country. I am particularly interested in the work of one of the other UK participants, Ayleen Driver who, as an IT leader in Bristol has several exciting projects under way, including one in which Y5 pupils are working with PDAs.
The afternoon also featured a local cultural visit to a historical house/museum with several rooms furnished as they would have been very many years ago.
The day also included several sessions of 'fika' (coffee and cookies) which Mona Wiklander, the organiser is determined should be the case every day, and a complimentary glass of Slovenian wine, provided by the Slovenian participant.
The Swedish keyboard is different in so many ways (you need to use CTR-ALT to get the @ symbol for example, and there are keys for ö and ä) so I am having to go back and correct errors as I type. There are bound to be lots I miss.
Early in the morning tomorrow - 7.45am - we set off to visit that school where children use no pen and paper, only computers. Lessons begin there at 8am.

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