Friday, February 2, 2007

Learning Platform

My previous entry, (entered on the Elgg version of this blog) following my visit to the BETT show on the Friday (12th January), disappeared into the ether immediately after posting, and I had spent so long setting up links to various interesting software and learning platform information that, at the time, I was ill-inclined to do it all again. Not quite sure what went wrong. Possibly something to do with our school connection.
Fronter seems to be the nearest thing to an open-source, highly adaptable solution, and I've arranged a demonstration for our Senior Management team in a couple of weeks time. I was also quite impressed by Serco's 'Facility', but got the impression it's likely to be costly as well as being more appropriate for school's already using Serco's managment system rather than Capita's SIMS.
Moodle will only remain a viable alternative if our LEA decide to offer it as a managed solution via a company such as Atom, but there's no sign at the moment of this happening. By all account's RM's Kaleidos is over-complicated, over-content-bound, and heavily training-dependent.