Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Wet Days

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Felix, Antonio and Hasan having their photo taken by Agneta, with Wes racing to get in on the action.

There was a downpour this morning and children arrived soaking wet. One girl was able to pour cupfuls of water out of her wellington boots when she took them off. The coats dripped all day and I remembered the hot-air drying cupboards that schools in Sweden have, which allow the children to play outside in all weathers.

I've been checking the Swedish temperatures in the papers and it is still fairly mild there, with no snow.

Unless I've missed it, Wes hasn't yet circulated the final draft of the report. I imagine, like me, and probably everyone else in the group, we're now all fully back into the swing of our local concerns and the runup to Christmas. I must remember to submit my own individual report and financial statement in order to receive the remaining 20% of funding.

I tried installing a wiki script on the school website's server today, but there was a PHP conflict (which seems to be affecting much of what I try and do with the school site recently - notably the failed moodle upgrade). It installed fine on ACHUKA where, at the preset time, it remains unconfigured.